European Commerces ERP for Salesforce CRM

Add an ERP to follow delivery and invoicing in Salesforce CRM

The proposed ERP solution has been built to sell across Europe using order to cash and purchase to pay best of practices.

ERP Salesforce

It handles your purchase, stock and sales and invoicing process in Salesforce and European VAT rules.

It is extending Salesforce value. It is lightweight easily extensible and adaptable solution for the needs of small and medium size companies.

Better customer experiences with an ERP


Who is waiting something to be delivered ? Which stock should I purchase ?

All-in-one use Salesforce tool to handle all customers related processes.

Follow up with a 360° all transactions around customer experiences.


Reduce ERP costs


An ERP system has an implementation costs, maintenances and migrations costs and hardware costs. With EU Commerces, you benefit from same advantages like Salesforce CRM, no hardware costs, no migration costs, reduced maintenances costs and reduced implementation costs.

The solution provides interface sales, payment and inventory journal in your accounting tool.

This architecture helps to concentrate on operations and leaves accounting complexity inside accounting software which reduces complexity and costs.

Using EU Commerces all-in-one solution, you can reduce drastically your IT costs.


Follow-up your orders, stocks, deliveries and invoicing process


Never miss an invoice. Follow-up your orders and deliveries. Increase Stocks Reliability. Manage shop stocks with reliability on all shops.


Extend your requirements


The solution is based on It can be extended using new fields, workflows, validation rules, custom developments to cover your all your needs.


Télécharger le PDF : eu-commerces-v1

Juil, 24, 2016