+43% Faster ONBOARDING KYC/AML Processes

Flexi Compliance for Salesforce combines customer onboarding
and KYC/AML processes
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Secured, Worlwide, Flexible

The Flexible KYC/AML processes

Award winning

Best integrated KYC/AML customer onboarding Solution for Salesforce on the market. Integrated through Salesforce cases business process, opportunity business process and/or external banking/payments systems sources.


Worldwide Best in class security practices include: GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, PCI DSS, PSDC Compliant, Available 24h/24h online and double authentifications. All components have passed security review. For more information follow the link.

Worldwide customer onboarding

Handles customers from any country, any langauges, any devices, any time. Your customer can always join you 24/24 with our AI Chatbot.


Spend your time on compliance risk evaluation not on document handling. Connect to OCR to load information automatically and Id verification.

Cost effective

You don't need a huge infrastructure nor a huge developpers team. All changes can be done through compliance process definition and Salesforce custimising.

Fast deployment

Use standard compliance processes or adapt your compliance solution with points and clicks. Add any questions and any documents to your KYC process.

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