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How to integrate SAP with Salesforce CRM ?

Some CRM users are facing big issues when deploying a CRM project in an international environment.


Master data management of customers database among different systems can be very cumbersome.

Master data management for CRM complexity

The first complexity is the international environment by itself.

It means handling several character sets at all stage of a process, using international addresses.


The second complexity is the organisation. You have people spread around the world, different reporting lines and different way to handle the business.

The third complexity is the heterogeneous setups or systems. To synchronizing master data, users will need some common definitions.

SAP and Salesforce Architecture Conclusions

In order to solve those complex issue, it is critical to manage the master data process project with all users.


The salesforce and SAP design should consider strengths and lacks of each system.

We have analysed and experimented several strategies to integrate Salesforce CRM processes with SAP ERP.

Our experiences shows that this hybrid approach brings value and competitive advantage if it is based on a sound knowledge of each system from design phase.

See our sum-up SAP and Salesforce design PDF.

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