Add a Geo Campaign Manager to boost customer visits and sales in Salesforce CRM


The proposed solution has been built to optimize sales journey and increase the number of visits by day. It handles customer experiences. It is a configurable tool and integrated with touch screen phones.


Increase the number of visits


All sales studies are showing that there is a correlation between the number of visits and sales revenues.

Increasing the number of visits can be planned using a map and list based on proximity.

The tool can also be used proactively during visits.


Better customer experiences


It follows up parallels phones calls to avoid double call the same day for a better customer experiences.


Phone campaign performance


Follow-up your call campaigns performance by status.


Fast entry of status, events


Enter status, comments and call results in a glimpsed.


Extend your requirements


The solution is configurable.

Télécharger la plaquette : Geo-campaign-v1

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